About us

What is MUMONS?

M for Museum, U for University, Mons for… well, you know what we mean!

The University of Mons is opening a museum at the corner of Place du Parc and Rue du Rossignol, and it’s the place to be to have fun! #nottooloudeither #weareinamuseumafterall

OK, but what will there be to see?

Sciences, Arts & Curiosities: that’s what you’ll see by entering through the door of MUMONS.

How so, “that’s too vague of a description”?!

Let us explain it to you…

Did you know that one of the main roles of a museum is to promote its collections? For example, the University has hundreds of thousands of precious works, maps and plans, works of art, ancient scientific instruments, and many other things, all linked to its history and its multiple activities! We keep everything or almost from the Gutenberg Bible to the Nokia 3310! Then, based on our events and their different themes, we display them. #CQFD

Furthermore, what would sciences and arts be without our curiosity? Ask yourself the question! What would a museum be without visitors, a book without a reader? What would a world be without questioning, without experimentation, without research, without learning? #theanswerisnothing

MUMONS, it’s exactly that! A constant exchange between you and us: debates, questions, discussions, research, and constant curiosity about the world that surrounds us. #andthatisbeautiful

Once past the door of the MUMONS, our mission is to give you the keys to understanding this world.